Meet the Flighty Duo ~ Learn About Our Mission

Flighty Witches is the labor of love of DragonflyMama (Mischa) and Owl (Suzy), and we love what we do! But why, you ask? What gets us going? Read on!

sungoddessthumbHi all, I’m DragonflyMama; some of you also know me as Mischa. The concept behind Flighty Witches came to me one day as I was perusing the ‘net, looking for yet again another list of great housekeeping/time management tips and tricks. I’m a list maker, a task organizer, a habitual scheduler, and I’m always looking for the newest and best info to help me keep on top of things. I’m a mom, a wife, a homeschooler, a homemaker, a crafter and an entrepreneur. I am also on the autism spectrum, and I deal with executive functioning issues and chronic pain that often make it difficult for me to maintain things at the level I am comfortable with, and enjoy for myself and my family. I’m an eclectic hedge witch…it’s a HUGE part of my life, and I wanted to be able to meld aspects of my spirituality into my everyday routines. I feel it’s important to see the sacred in all things, especially in my home and everyday doings.

I didn’t find a lot of information specifically geared for what I wanted, so I began to amass information from other sources, and put them together with what I know, from learning and intuition, and what I feel, and the idea bloomed that I can’t be the only person out there struggling with these same things, and with the desire to improve their lives through a spiritual means of managing the mundane. I reached out to my friend Owl with my ideas, and found a kindred soul who not only understood, but knew the struggle and the urge to help others.

My goal for Flighty Witches is primarily as a support mechanism. Many of us belong to online groups for our spirituality, or our businesses, or even for parenting, but how many of us are comfortable reaching out for support about our homes? Some of us are embarrassed because our homes are cluttered and overflowing, and we just don’t know where to start in sorting it all out. Then there are those of us have no problem getting things clean, but KEEPING it clean is hard, because there’s so much to do! Still others of us, like myself, know what needs to be done, and how to do it, but our brains like to fly in other directions, leaving us wondering why we never seem to get the things done we set out to do.

THIS is what Flight Witches is all about! We understand. We aren’t standing above you, from a spotless house that is perfectly decorated with a manicured lawn. I’m talking to you from the livingroom of my mobile home, that I just picked up for the first of many times today, looking out my window (that I finally remembered to wash this morning) at the grass that is growing ever taller because my lawnmower is broken.

We’re not here to preach…we’re here to give support, to be your coaches, your sounding boards, your cheerleaders, and your guides in how to build the life YOU want that is spiritually satisfying, and at the same time, try to tackle those cobwebs and dust bunnies that never seem to be conquered.

owlkamystNOW A FEW WORDS FROM OWL:  What more can be said about our mission that has not already been said by DragonflyMama!  We just aim to be of assistance and offer support because that is what we have been drawn to do!

I am Owl, also known as Suzy. I am an artist, a mom of three with an empty nest. I consider myself a freeform mystic and organic witch. My life has been filled from magic from the very start as I grew up without religion and was free to explore the great mystery of life all on my own. My spiritual and magical approach is rooted in instinct and intuition. On the mundane side of life, I have a heavy inclination towards how to organize things and how to make a ‘machine’ function smoothly. This natural ability has put me into many management and supervisor positions in my employment though the years; everything from non-profits, sales, and manufacturing and technology fields. So I offer you my ability to see things from a bird’s eye view and then offer a strategy that will give you a more manageable and stress free perspective and approach.  

Like Mischa has expressed, we are not here to preach or judge. My coworkers would say to me, “Your house must be spotless!” because I conquer big messy jobs and make them shine in no time. The truth is, my house has issues, I’ve been known to call my truck a rolling landfill. You are not alone in your struggles to keep an organized and orderly lifestyle! We come together with a common thread and together we will weave a blanket of fun with functional fundamentals.

We’re here to help you get your flight plan together, and SOAR with us!