Magic is NOT the Answer

Magic is a wonderful thing

Much can be accomplished with magic…. But, like with most things, there are limits in magic. Again, like with most things, there is imagination and stories that take reality to an extreme, and that can be fun, but it is not for real. Some real life situations require a boring textbook approach.

I’ve been at this (way of life) for near my whole life and I am just about to hit crone status. I grew up in the days of I dream of Genie and Bewitched. 2b5ddf27ce29aad2fcd284887fcaa65bEven as a child I knew that those were just fun shows. And while I really wanted for there to be magic in the world, I knew that the magic portrayed in such shows was pure fantasy. Today we have a lot more awareness of magic and a lot more of stories about magic, a lot more people interested and curious about magic. So, now, it is quite unsettling to me to see people new to magic being stuck in a fog of fantasy. Then again, I remind myself… there are people in fogs of all kinds, political, religion, science and so on. No matter what the issue or subject, they all will have those handful of people who are not ‘up to speed’.

I find that there are two (main) groups exerting into the fold. Those that think that magic such as Charmed and Harry Potter is for real, and then there are those who seek to solve everything with magic. Typically it is the more youthful who are looking to the fantasy magic. I can relate when I think about my own childhood, wishing that magic like that was real. But those who wish to fix real-life human issues with magic, who are older, sometimes much older… well I am here to say…. STOP! Hold up for a moment… stand on this dot right here and listen up.184225509696137073_1420240033-2
Yes, magic is real, however, like all things in the Universe, magic is limited to the laws of physics. Then there is the aspect of Free Will. A person can only be ‘controlled’ if they allow it.

Magic is NOT a fix all. I find that those who wish to use magic in certain situations is not about really wanting to take action, but are looking for a ‘passive’, non-confrontational (and sometimes cowardly) way of taking care of business. getshorty-feat
Suck it up buttercup! Sometimes you have to wield the sword, sometimes you have to put on the gloves.   * Chili Palmer would not have gotten what he was after by waving a magic wand!

Magic is NOT a substitute for talking to a loved one about life in an abusive environment/relationship or confronting neighbors or family members from harassment or getting someone into treatment for addiction. Those are just some examples. With free will, people will continue to be their disrespectful and disruptive destructive selves no matter what. One’s magic can be influential in small ways if focused on another’s free will, and it can have more impact upon the offender if the one preforming the magic utilizes external forces, but the bottom line here is that the solid solution is totally mundane.

Let’s be real here. There are times when the call to action is to take simple action. Magic can be supportive, but it is not the ticket to fix it. If you find that you do not have the courage to confront someone, then do some spell-work to boost your confidence and to give you the mindset to take on the responsibility.