I The Magician ~ Tarot Challenge

new-vision-MagicianThe Magician card brings a set of skills that will help us while we journey into the great unknown. The Magician is wise and willing to show off what he knows.

    The Magician speaks of having the ability to control, manipulate, and have the focus to create something desired. There is confidence and knowledge behind all the skills, making a strong powerful force. The Magician is a Master at Manifesting.

  • Magician associates astrologically with the planet Mercury. This is the planet of communication, quick travels, siblings. He is is focused and can be very cunning.
Magician Challenges ~

A) Task Challenge: Create 4 tasks; one for each element Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Make these involved tasks that will take 2-4 hours to accomplish. Be able to complete one in a day, and complete all in a week.

B) Super Challenge: Make yourself a vision board or a manifestation book. Spend time personalizing it before you start putting your desires on to or into it.
Of course you can always ‘make your own’ challenge based upon the deeper symbolism of the Fool card.

Task Challenge: 12 Magic Beans
Super Challenge: 4 
Magic Beans
Bonus Beans: Make Your Own 3 beans + beans for the challenge itself.