Flight Plans Support Group


Flight Plans for Everyday Living

  • Does getting through the day feel daunting?
  • Do you often swear at yourself for forgetting to do something?
  • Do you get tripped up on planning, execution or upkeep?

Getting everyday tasks done does not have to be frustrating! Believe it or not, it can be fun.

Flight Plans for Everyday Living makes the daunting, the forgotten, the frustrating a thing that just blows away in the wind. Make every day productive and fun with us! We are your copilots in the world of everyday.

Joining Flight Plans for Everyday Living will get you ~

  • A place to present your struggles in everyday life management
  • Tips and tricks to help make daily, weekly and monthly duties easier
  • Chore challenges to help motivate and make a game of it
  • Support through discussions and live chats
  • Personal cheerleaders who support you without judgment
  • Get productive and organized as well as feel better about yourself
  • Fun and creative activities to break the blocks and entertain the mind
  • Access to affordable personal and private coaching and support

Getting organized and productive in life does not have to be hard and with us it will not cost you much! Most focus groups and coaching services can cost $200 and up to as much $1,000 a month. For that price one gets a 30 to 60 minute phone call about four times a month. We offer the same concessions with the difference being a group setting and 24/7 access to information and support.

There is no failure in any flight plan, redirection happens and it is OK… you will always have a safe landing.

Don’t let the chaos of everyday life take you for a wild ride.

Join us and take flight!


Purchase 9 months in advance and get the rest of the year for free! $54 USD for the year!

Your subscription will get you access to our super secret private Facebook Group where we make all the flight plans and arrangements. You will also have access to the private chatroom just for our members.

The group is a significant help but is just not enough?
Need a boost of personalized inspiration?
The Flighty Duo can certainly do for you!

We will listen to your woes and plan a path towards your desired destination. We help clear the mental blocks that lift you up along your journey.

INDIVIDUAL PLANNING SESSION: $24 per hour (book as much time as you want!)

To see about a subscription to the support group or your own personal planning sessions, Please contact us!

Want to get to know your tour guides for Flight Plans? Meet the Flighty Witches Duo