Who are the “Flighty Witches”?

You just might be a Flighty Witch.

A Flighty Witch is anyone who loves the idea of being (magically) organized and on top of things! Yes!…but in reality, not. A flighty witch gets easily strayed away by pretty flowers & butterflies, and all the wondrous mysteries of the Universe. A Flighty Witch is anyone who finds themselves with some medical diagnosis that sets you apart from the ‘norm’ or because you think, act, or look at things differently.
A Flighty Witch is anyone that just can’t seem to do what all needs to be done and is always overwhelmed by it and just needs someone to help them get through it.
And lastly, anyone for any reason is a Flighty Witch. We don’t care how you identify with the beauty and magic found in the Universe. So no matter what you spiritual path or beliefs may be, all are welcome.
Flighty Witches Honors All Faiths!

“Witchcraft is NOT a religion it is a LIFESTYLE”

An organized life is not always about the physical, it is also about the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. At Flighty Witches, our approach is holistic and very hands on. We address the soul challenge that is inhibiting the mental motivation that leads to the physical action. Our mission is to create a ‘place of being’ that makes life easier for us carefree flighty folk! Flighty Witches has creative solutions as well as those that are more structured in its approach. We have FUN getting things done! No task should be daunting! No chore should be a drag. So we Flighty Witches are presenting all kinds of tips and tricks to getting better organized in life. Things from sorting clothes and organizing closets, to having a budget and paying the bills. We aim to touch on everything from saving space to saving money! And as will all good witches, we throw in a pinch of magic into the mix.

Our goal and desire is to support those who feel lost or challenged in anyway. We aim to levitate all who seek our resources and services.

Our Mission~ 

  1. Be Helpful: Be a friend to our sisters and brothers on this planet. It does not matter what background or belief one may have, we are here for all.
  2. Be Accessible: Our pricing does not compare to other offers out there. To follow our #1, we have very reasonable and affordable fees for our goods and services.
  3. Be In Tune: The Universe has rhythms, and so do we… Learn to work together inside those rhythms, and learn to feel our own.
  4. Be Different: We are hands on, holistic and heartfelt in our mission. We are not looking to get rich by being a fancy pants internet coach that seem to be popping up in the dozens these days.

However, Flighty Witches comes with a WARNING. A Flighty Witch is not a politically correct sensitive pansy. They can be crass and laugh without being worried someone’s toes get stepped upon. Don’t get us wrong, we DO NOT Trash talk, we simply are identifying with the social ironies in humorous ways.

 More Behind the Flighty Witches & Our Mission


  • Declutter! Less stuff means…well, LESS STUFF! Less to clean, less to organize, less to keep track of. This is the foundation block of our system.
  • Get a little OCD…habits will make or break a system. We all have bad habits…the key is to retrain our minds and our bodies to doing thing a certain way, at a certain time, every day.
  • We are not working towards a 26.2 window sticker…no marathons! All marathon cleaning sessions do is wear you out (unless you are that sort of freak that like the energizer bunny). We love timers, and you will to.
  • Law of Horizontal Surfaces – they are huge magnets for clutter! Learning to manage these flat surfaces makes a huge difference in the organization of your home.
  • Work smarter, not harder. Set up efficient systems that help you do the chores, not fight against you. This piece of furniture in the way or efficiently getting things done? MOVE IT! Trash accumulating on that counter? Put a basket there to catch it. There are lots of tools to use, and most of them will save you money and time in the long run.
  • Work with what you have. Many of us have chronic health conditions…we are doing this specifically for you. All of these systems can be modified to work around your life circumstances. We offer one on one coaching to help you if you need it, and we’ll have lots of posts directed specifically towards people with chronic health issues. Most of us aren’t rich (or we’d hire a cleaning person, and not need this!). If you don’t have something we suggest, improvise. Use what you have.
  • Take your cues from the Universe – we strive to tie our goals into the “Master Plan” the Universe lays out for us. We use the seasons, the lunar calendar, astrology and Tarot to give us guidance throughout our lives, and to make mundane things like cleaning the bathroom a spiritual experience, and one that ties you to the greater picture around you.


Flight Plans Support Group

Membership to Flight Plans Support Group~ Our secluded meeting place where you can find direction, motivation, and encouragement. Daily, weekly and monthly challenges to help you get things done. Weekly chats with a focus and drop in chats to get some instant support.


Coaching Sessions

Personal Planning Sessions~ Sit with the witchy duo and dump your burdens. With all that you have on your plate, a plan of attack can me made. The magic is making it fun and easy and we witches can show you how.

Hourly Rate is $24 USD.

NOTE: A $30 INTAKE IS REQUIRED ~ Click here to get started!



For more info and sign up soar on over to Flight Plans for Everyday Living